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Comcast Cable Packages

Comcast cable packages have historically had a long record of poor customer service. However, in the last four years, it has really improved, and there are a large number of good Comcast cable deals available.

Improved Service

Comcast provides a number of cable packages, including cable internet service, cable phone service and cable television service. About ten years ago, Comcast gained one of the worst reputations in the United States for service. In fact, it ranked below the I.R.S. on the American Customer Satisfaction Index and had the lowest rating of any company in the country. Normally, this would be more than enough reason to disrecommend the company, but the company has undergone a significant restructuring and rebranding over the last four years that has completely overhauled both Comcast customer service and products.

XFinity Triple Play Comcast Deals

The most substantial rebranding is in its new triple-play features, all of which are now known as XFinity. A “triple-play” package includes all three of cable high speed internet, cable telephone and cable television. In fact, their XFinity triple play package is one of the better cable deals available for customers right now. For the first year, you can purchase an XFinity deal for $99.99 per month, and after one year, the price increases to $129.99 per month. This includes digital cable channels include HD channels, unlimited long distance calling within the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and high speed intenet up to 15 MB per seconds.

You might be wondering: what is the catch? At this time, there really isn’t one, except for a small fee for renting a cable modem (assuming that you don’t already have one). Comcast actually took seriously the kind of criticism that they were getting for their poor service, and, as a result, is doing its best to try to restore its reputation. After all, they had bled off their customers to competition like Time Warner Cable and even to satellite. As a result, they have improved their tech support and billing practices, even to those areas where they have a quasi-monopoly.

Comcast Unique Programming

Comcast also has a range of unique programming of its own, especially catering to its geographic regions like Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., including programming that provides local news and sports programming. In addition, Comcast has purchased a number of cable television stations, including E! Entertainment Television and the Golf Network. That they own the companies themselves is a part of the reason why they are able to offer such reasonably priced packages.

However, even though they offer unique programming, they have other cable packages, both Comcast digital cable packages and Comcast basic cable packages. Their XFinity triple-play packages comes with 80 digital channels to start, and you can add other channels, like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and so forth for a standard fee.

Comcast Digital Voice

Partly because it is fun, I suppose, Comcast doesn’t actually call its telephone service a “telephone” service, but its XFinity Voice system. It comes standardly with any Comcast triple play package. One of the nice things about Comcast is that all of their cable packages come with unlimited calling in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. This means that there is no need to purchase the highest level of service to get an all-inclusive plan (a mistake that Verizon, for example, makes). Despite its name, Comcast Digial Voice is just telephone, so don’t be expecting some different sort of service.

A Second Chance?

Comcast has done a great deal to directly deal with the problems that plagued its customer relations over the past decade. Rather than be at the back of the pack not only for cable but for all companies of every time, Comcast has actually caught up to such companies as Time Warner Communications on the A.C.S.I. and tries to work with those using them for cable in their area. As a result, Comcast might be worth a second look, as they provide high-quality service at some of the best prices out there.

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