The Best Guide to Cable Packages and Alternatives

Comcast Cable Internet Packages

Comcast cable internet packages come with top of the line security and fast, quality internet.

Comcast cable internet packages run with XFinity internet. There are two different internet options with Xfinity. Performance allows for one to download with speeds of up to 15 Mbps with the PowerBoost option. It also includes 10 GB of storage and more than 3,500 live games accessible through This speed is listed on the website for $29.99 for the first sixth months. The faster speed, the Blast Extra is the TV/internet option which provides internet speeds of up to 25 Mbps.

Both of these internet options come with the Constant Guard option, the most comprehensive suite of online protection (and the most expensive, free with the package) available through a major Internet Service Provider. Constant Guard will help you to protect your passwords and personal information, as well as defend your computer from viruses with the Norton Security Suite, help back up files using Secure Backup & Share, and give users access to Identity Guard, a program which will help to safeguard you from identify theft. This option is specifically available for Mac users as well.


Don’t be deceived by the disparity in these list sizes. Comcast has become the largest internet provider for a reason. Nothing beats the speed of a good cable internet connection and in many places Comcast provides download speeds of up to 105 Mbps. The security that they provide is unchallenged and Comcast is constantly using new technologies and infrastructure to provide the best services possible.

Other Pros of Comcast internet include:

  • With XFinity connect users have the option of combining e-mail, voicemail and Universal address books in one area online for fast and convenient access from your laptop or smartphone.
  • Users can watch over 3,500 online games available at
  • XFinity offers the world’s greatest collection of On Demand movies accessible online and on TV.
  • Comcast provides everything you need to get started; no appointments are required and Comcast can send a local technician to your house if you would rather have a professional set it up for you.
  • Xfinity 2go allows you to access your internet from different Mobile Hotspots as well as with Broadband device. This function gives coast-to coast 3G mobile internet coverage, allows one to check their email from virtually anywhere, update Facebook status and more. This feature is offered for twenty five dollars a month, though roaming charges past the 2GB cap will be heavily penalized.


Comcast is the largest internet and TV provider in America. That being said, one can understand that every possible complaint that can be made against them has been made. These are helpful to consider when choosing between Comcast internet packages and the packages of some other company. Very poor customer service is certainly a frequent complaint. Customers are often told different things by different representatives. Field tech guys show up late or not at all. If anything breaks do not expect it to be fixed promptly.

Customers are also often upset when their internet is throttled after they exceed their monthly usage; however, careful monitoring of your activity can easily prevent this. Be wary when first signing up.

Comcast offers appealing deals for its new users (for the first six months, or first year) but is not going to cut the same deals further down the line, after one signs a contract. Many people complain that their Comcast bill, for one reason or another, is steadily increasing every month and in every case the additional costs are added completely without warning. These are more than the additional taxes on prices. Comcast will try and sneak in whatever fees they can, and long time users know this better than anyone. Newer users are more likely to notice the difficulties with the difficult to comprehend website.


As is the case with many of the larger network companies, half the battle may be navigating the company and trying to ensure that you understand exactly what it is you are signing up for. But buy signing on with any of the Comcast internet packages you will certainly receive quality internet (albeit on the slightly pricey side.)