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Verizon Cable Packages

Verizon provides a wide range of options in its cable packages, using its exclusive FiOS or fiber-optic cable system.

Verizon was original a part of AT&T, before splitting off from them in the early 1980s. At that point, it became an independent company that eventually became one of the largest in North America when it acquired MCI in 2005. It is now one of the primary rivals of its parent company, AT&T.

One might expect that, given its history, Verizon would behave like a telephone company that sells cable. However, Verizon was originally founded to promote competition (it was ordered to do so by the FCC), and as a result, they focus more on customer service than might be otherwise expected from such a company.

Verizon provides a number of cable packages, including high definition cable, standard cable, internet and phone packages. Originally, Verizon focussed on DSL provision of these services, but they have moved into cable service in more and more areas (they still provide DSL in some areas).

Their packages have the advantage that you can mix-and-match the various options that they have available, and each time you add a new feature, you’ll get more savings. For example, if you purchase a package including phone and internet, you might save five dollars, but if you choose three, you’ll save fifteen.

There is one important warning about Verizon. When they advertise their prices, they advertise them as being a price for “one year” in smallish print. Look below their prices to see how much you save per month with the deal. Add the two numbers together, and you’ll have your real price for the service after your first year is done. Of course, you can always change companies, but that can create a lot of hassles.

FiOS Cable

One of the most attractive features of Verizon cable bundles is that they can include their “FiOS” service. FiOS is fiber-optic television, internet and telephone service. Verizon has chosen to make FiOS required for having HDTV on your cable, so if you want HDTV, you’ll need to purchase this service. It costs about $15 above other cable bundles.

The fiber optic cable offered by Verizon is virtually unique, at least for private homes, and Verizon has put a lot of effort into developing its infrastructure. It is especially useful for cable and internet, as it provides extremely fast and reliable service. Unfortunately, FiOS is not available in all areas, so you should check with them before purchasing such a package.

Special Features

Verizon offers a number of special features that come with their package purchases. When ordering online, they will “waive” the connection fee, but this is somewhat misleading. It’s like “waiving” the fee for a telephone cord on a cordless phone: no one charges for connections anymore.

Some of their offers are more generous. They will include items like wireless routers or multi-room DVRs for a limited amount of time. Be careful, though, as these can be difficult to return and they may attempt to charge you for them.

In addition, they will offer months’ worth of movie channels, for example, with certain cable packages. If you intend to use these, they can be a great special feature, as you can save quite a bit of money with them. They also will offer free cell phone minutes when you subscribe to a package involving a cellular phone.

Please feel free to visit their official site for more information.

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