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Time Warner Cable Support

Time Warner cable support provides some of the best customer service of any cable company.

Time Warner has a somewhat different origin from most cable companies. Other companies like AT&T or Verizon started out in telephone service, often with monopolies, which has led them to have the type of corporate culture that allows for weaker customer service. Time Warner, on the other hand, has a corporate culture founded in publishing, which means that its corporate culture never fell into that mindset. As a result, Time Warner has some of the best customer service available, although one pays a little more as a result.


One aspect of Time Warner customer service that is widely praised is their overall friendliness. In fact, this even appears in less positive reviews of their service, in which people say something like, “I know that Paul was really trying, when he…” Even when a problem is frustrating and may not be able to be solved in a single phone call, customer service agents will go out of their way to make the customer feel at ease.

One thing that especially stands out is the way that people reviewing Time Warner cable support tend to remember the names of the people who have provided them with a sense that they are talking to a real person who is on their side. This personability makes Time Warner support stand out among its competitors.

Specialized Help

The specialized help provided by Time Warner Cable Service can be a mixed blessing. Because they usually have people who specialize in specific problems, the first person to help you may not actually be able to correct your problem. Instead, they will transfer you to someone who is better able to help you.

Because of this, it is especially important to be patient with the person with whom you are speaking. After all, the first person you will encounter primarily has the job of rerouting you to the person who can actually help you. However, if you are belligerent, that person may try to get you off the phone or simply transfer you before he or she has really figured out who can actually help you, leading you in circles.

Several people mentioned that they ended up going in circles somewhat when asking for support. Part of the problem is that you need to know exactly what the problem is before you call. For instance, you should know that your internet speed is too slow, or know which channels you are not receiving before you even call. Providing a vague problem will usually get you shifted from place to place.

However, once you get the right person, they can really help you. This is far better than in other companies that lack specialized support, because those companies will often have no one who is really able to help you. Time Warner’s cable support is something of a maze, but it is a maze with cheese, rather than an empty room like many other companies’.

Using Documentation

If you can’t get a solution the first time you call, it is important to be sure you know what happened the first time so that you can be more likely to get proper help the next time around. Take down the names of the people you spoke to (you will be likely to remember them), and also exactly what you spoke to each person about. Also mention the department of each person you spoke to.

By using documentation in this way, the first person you speak to will be able to direct your call much more accurately. They will know what didn’t work, and you won’t need to go through the same maze that you did the previous time. It is still important to be patient, because you’ll want to establish a good working relationship with the person to whom you are speaking.


Time Warner cable support is very good, once you get used to its unusual structure. Rather than have general support agents, they have specialized support agents who can help you with specific problems. The trick is just getting used to the maze, and learning to find the person who can really help you with your problem

The phone number for Time Warner support is 1-888-892-2253
The website can be found at this link.

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