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Cox Cable Channels

Cox cable channels include sports, local events and educational programming in several different regions of the country.

Cox Cable Communications has developed a number of different television stations over the years to serve its various markets. In some cases, these channels are exclusive to Cox cable customers, while in other cases, you can pick up the channel on competing companies. Cox cable thereby doesn’t offer simply programming of others but actually contributes to local programming itself.

The channels tend to focus on three things: local sports (including everything from high school to professional teams), local events (including television shows about local culture), and educational programming. In some cases, Cox channels are more reminiscent of public broadcasting than they are of traditional local networks.

While Cox offers television service in many areas of the country, their stations are far more localized. Only a few cities have local networks dedicated to them, and even then, they are often not the most populous cities. I discuss each of these cities below, organized by state:


In San Diego, Cox manages the channel called “Channel 4 San Diego” or “4SD”. It also went under the names “Channel 4 Padres”, “COX 4” and simply “KCOX”. As you can tell from one of its names, “Channel 4 Padres”, one of its primary types of programming is Padres games. Cox doesn’t cover all of San Diego, so if you are unable to get Cox Cable, 4SD is also available on Time Warner Cable.

Orange County has a local station called “Cox 3“. This station is similar to the many local television networks that existed before the advent of cable. It carries programming about local events called “OC Lifestyle”, and it carries local high school sports games. You can even purchase copies of individual shows, which is nice if a family member is in a featured event.


New Orleans has its own channel, the somewhat ambiguously-named “Cox Sports Television“. It focuses on local sports, and is the only station that provides coverage of the New Orleans Hornets. They also provide numerous college games and also the pre-season (but not the seasonal) games of the New Orleans Saints. This station is also available on Suddenlink, Comcast, Charter and the Dish Network.

Lafayette and Baton Rouge also have their own local channel called “Cox 4” (a completely different station than the one in San Diego). It is more like a public television channel, providing educational programming and coverage of local events. Like Cox 3 in Orange County, it covers a single local high school game every week, in its case focusing on football.


In both Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Cox provides the “Cox Channel“, formerly known as “Cox Channel 3” (though it is a completely different channel from that in Orange County). The channel is a local sports channel, primarily consisting of local high school games. Most local sports channels might show one or two high school games, but high school sports is the primary focus of this channel. It also shows a number of older television shows, largely as filler between the games.

Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, Cox provides another incarnation of its “Cox Sports” channel. They cover a number of local college sports teams from Rhode Island and the surrounding area, as well as local high school sports coverage. In addition, they offer a show called “Varsity Life”, which is a show about life as a college athlete. This channel has some cross-programming with ESPN, so sometimes, the television shows will end up being the same on both channels.


In Hampton, Cox provides an exclusive channel called “Cox 11“. This channel functions similarly to a traditional local network, providing local sports events, local news and information about local events and culture. They also have a number of talk shows, where they speak to local personalities and viewers can learn about local events. Cox 11 also has an on-demand feature, allowing viewers to watch programs at times other than that of their original broadcasts.


Cox provides a number of different television stations, usually focusing on local news and events. They have a special focus on sports, though in many areas, they work function more like a traditional local broadcast network. Having these channels is a nice feature of Cox if they are available in your area.

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