The Best Guide to Cable Packages and Alternatives

Cablevision TV Packages

Cablevision TV packages look like great deals and include the option of purchasing more packages, but be careful what you buy.

Digital Cablevision TV packages are offered under the name iO TV. Their package starts at $29.95 a month, however this offer is only for new-residential customers, and current residential Non-Video and Boradcast Basic-only customers. Those whose accounts are in good standing can maintain this optimum price, but only in combination with Cablevision TV and phone services. So it really probably isn’t going to be $29.95 a month, but you probably aren’t going to get real numbers until you are spending them. This price includes 120 channels of HD, including NY sports, movies, and local channels. Charter also claims to offer free movies on demand for no additional charge, though some titles will still only be available for additional charge and in all cases a Scientific Atlanta digital cable box is required. (They can supply one for a monthly fee.) A lineup of channels can be found on their website.

Further Options for your Cablevision TV packages

  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) can be added to your iO TV for an extra %10.95/month.
  • The option of purchasing premium packages such as HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and the Movie Channel. Each package include 8-22 channels of HD and listed between $11.95-$14.95 per month.
  • The iO silver package can be purchased for an extra $9.95 a month when added to Family Cable+ iO packages and instantly includes Starz, and Showtime. The iO gold package is $103.95 a month and instantly includes all aforementioned movie packages. Make sure you read all the details before subscribing to these packages as there are many restrictions that apply.
  • With Cablevision, viewers have the option of buying seasonal sports packages, such as NHL Centre Ice, ESPN game plan, NBA full pass, and MSL direct kick.
  • Viewers have the option of purchasing packages of international language channels, offering many language options from African to South Asian.
  • Channels 92 and 93 are pay-per-view channels, offering boxing, wrestling, comedy and more. You only pay for what you watch, and a listing of each months pay-per-view is available on the Cablevision website.

Members only

Optimum rewards is an included program for those who have subscribed to Cablevision. Those with a subscription to Cablevision are entitle to specific benefits such as discounts on movie tickets, shopping, travel, dining, entertainment, presales. They receive free movies on Tuesdays, discounts and offers for specific TV shows, chances to win prizes and vacations, in-store discounts, and the ability to save some money on monthly cable bills. If you are already signed up with Cablevision be sure to register for their Optimum rewards plan online to ensure you are getting all of these bonuses. Needless to say if you go for the triple play offer there will be even more bonuses. Anything to make you spend more, right?

Cablevision…A Soured Reputation?

All major cable providers are discredited by customers, but Cablevision certainly has some skeletons in the closet. They are known for their sales tactics used in TV ads, and sales are run very aggressively on their own system where they do not have to pay. They are tricky as well, removing basic channels to cable and thus forcing customers to pay the monthly fee for a digital cable box not otherwise required. It would seem the advantage of Cablevision is that it is easy to leave, though expect repeated mail offering great new deals and offers, phone calls, and even a visit to your door, offering great sales to try and get you back.


Many customers are happy with their Cablevision TV packages and would recommend it to others in their area. Like any big company, however, Cablevision is not as interested in cutting you deals as they try and make themselves appear on their website. More likely they will try and fool customers into seeing what they ‘want to see.’ One of the best ways to ‘beat the company’ in this case, is to sign on for the bare minimum you need, don’t get enticed by extra packages, maintain good credit, and don’t sign any contracts.

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