The Best Guide to Cable Packages and Alternatives

Cablevision Internet Packages

Cablevision Internet packages provide options for boosting one’s internet speed, though users are often disappointed that actual speeds are nowhere near those advertised.

The Cablevision website offers clear layouts of its different options for boosting existing Cablevision internet to higher speeds, including their wondrously fast Optimum Online Ultra boost. The website is easy to navigate (y ahora en español tambien!) and provides clear charts of pricing and packages of Cablevision Internet Packages and other Cablevision options available.

Optimum Internet Packages

With certain Cablevision Internet Packages one can download with speeds up to five times faster than your old dial up internet connection. The Optimum Online Express Link Technologysm ensures that popular sites like Google and Youtube will be that much faster. Cablevision also brags of their excellent security. The CA Internet Security Suite Plus offers parental controls, anti-virus, anti-spyware, personal firewall, anti-spam, and anti-phishing software. (Regular value, $69.99) Cablevision also has WiFi hotspots and allows you to link anything on your PC screen to your television using Optimum Link.

  • The Optimum Online Boost Plus is available for $14.95 a month to those who are already members of Cablevision. This package makes available speeds of up to 50 Mbps downloads, 8 Mbps uploads (caution! See below paragraph). For users who are interested in building their own sites, Cablevision offers 12 GB of web space for hosting your own website, easy to operate Site Builder tools, domain name registration and the option of hosting your own Web or email server.
  • The Optimum Online Ultra is another kind of boost available only through a subscription to Cablevision. This is far and away their fastest online speed, offering up to 101 Mbps (about 50 000 internet pages a minute). This option includes all of the site building tools, more than enough space for email attachments, and 75 GB of email storage. Availability will vary based on location so you will have to call them in order to get a rough estimate. Prices vary, in fact, they are subject to “change without notice,” though you can definitely expect a $34.95 installation fee, and a $300 activation slap. A Gigabit PCI adaptor is required to run this.

Cablevision Difficulties

A glaring warning for those considering Cablevision Internet packages is that Cablevision Internet tends to become very slow in both directions during peak times. Cablevision even admits that their 50 Mbps speed is not guaranteed, well aware that they do not have the capacity or the brand width to produce what they advertise. Cablevision claims that their high speeds allow for multiple users to share connections. On the grounds of this claim, it’s worth having the Cablevision phone number on handy if your speeds are nowhere near what they should be.

If you are experiencing delays it is highly probably that those in your community are experiencing delays as well. In that case it is definitely worth finding others in your area who are experiencing the same frustrations with their Cablevision Internet and encourage them to call and complain since the more pressure put on the company, the more likely they are going to fix it. The redeeming quality of Cablevision in this instance is that their award winning technicians are known for doing everything they can to address a problem, even if they need to send a technician over (more than once). Technicians are available through phone or live chat online. Expect that for your first complaint call they will simply tell you to the problem is your modem.

It is important to remember that despite the vocal complaints of communities who have experienced major slowness from Cablevision, there are still those who have found Cablevision a reliable provider and have not experienced major slowdowns. As one should when considering providers, it is important to research the experience others have had in your area. If the service has been reliable, you can feel more at east committing to a company. If the provider is known to be reliable, any problems you may be experiencing with speed might be the problem of faulty hardware.


Cablevision Internet Packages are generally offered as “boosts” for pre-existing Cablevision subscribers. Though many people never experience the speeds advertised, one must consider that for all internet providers there are more factors influencing speed than the provider can control.