The Best Guide to Cable Packages and Alternatives

Cable One TV Packages

Cable One TV packages include well-rounded Ultra and Premium plans, though one must not trust the prices they read on the internet.

Once signed on with either one of the Cable One TV packages users have the option to expand to their different programming tiers, depending on what you are looking for. This can include ESPN, CNN, USA, The Disney Channel, and The Weather Channel. Cable One bills in advance since cable TV does not operate on a meter and therefore unlike internet, it is impossible to go ‘over’ your monthly bill or have your cable throttled for exceeding a usage cap. There will, however, be extra fees on your bill, at least some of which are beyond the control of Cable One. These are charges added by the city, state, and federal government, and vary from location to location. On top of these prices however, expect increases in cost, even as often as every sixth months.

Preparation for Cable One internet is fairly simple and it should not be hard to find help from the company if you are a new customer. To ensure that you are able to receive quality digital cable from Cable One, make sure that you own a digital receiver for each TV (not provided my Cable One). The Cable One website provides installation guides for digital receivers as well as guides for connecting VCR to cable.

Economy, Standard and other plans

Cable One TV packages are named similarly to their internet packages. The cheapest plan, the Economy Plan, provides 20 channels such as the weather and local news and several weekly channels. This is offered for around $20 a month. The Standard Plan, at $50 dollars a month the next biggest thing, offers up to 60 channels. These channels would include the most popular programs: news, movies, sports, children’s and family programming, as well as local broadcast stations. There are several series and specials that are provided only with the Standard plan.

The Premium and Ultra plans

The Premium and Ultra plans are the most expensive and most extensive plans offered by Cable One. These are only attainable via subscription to Cable One. The Premium Cable plan is offered for $66 dollars a month and includes up to 140 channels and digital access. The Ultra Cable plan is offered for $83 a month and includes up to 160 channels. Small business and commercial plans are offered, but Cable One must be called for further information.

High Definition and HDR

Those on the economy and standard plan have the option of purchasing HD and HDR. This option features 20 high definition stations, local broadcast stations in high definition, Interactive Program Guides with show summaries and star ratings, parental controls for the younger viewers, 46 commercial free music channels, 38 movie channels, access to pay-per-view movie and sporting channels, DVR (the ability to record, pause, and replay live TV).

Cable One is often one of those ‘only show in town,’ providers. They are also run like a large, cooperate business and the result is charges for TV often end up increasing every six months and there is little customers can do about it. Cable One is somewhat notorious in the consumer world for its price hikes. There are many complaints of Cable One’s underhanded charges, compiled upon complaints of their internet being too high already. For those who do have a choice in provider, it may be a good idea not to sign up with a premium or ultra contract too quickly since by the time they find new charges to drop on you it will be too late to turn back.

Cable One

The Ultra and Premium seem like well rounded options for viewers. Those who do not wish to pay for channels they do not want should consider an A la carte type plan which will allow you to have more of a say over which channels you are paying for. Though Cable One is notorious for price hikes and bad customer service, they continue to provide fairly consistent cable with only minor problems such as occasional missing channels. When choosing between Cable One internet packages, many users are drawn to the simple yet not sparse Standard Plan that includes the important essentials for TV and does not require signing a contract with Cable One.