The Best Guide to Cable Packages and Alternatives

Brighthouse Cable TV Packages

Bright House Cable TV Packages provide with free HD, but the quality of TV may still not be worth what you are paying.

Bright House Cable TV packages are offered in two tiers: Standard Cable and Digital TV. Standard Cable TV provides around 70 channels, while Digital TV provides around 200 channels as well as movies on demand, local TV on demand, premium channels (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, TMC, and Starz), the Spanish-language programs: Nuestros canales, and the addition of a sports pack. Note that a more precise estimation of the number of channels provided can be found on their website. A more metropolitan area such as Tampa Bay will have closer to 80 channels for their Standard Cable plan and 300 channels for their Digital TV. In some areas, music channels are provided as well. Prices for your area can also be located on their website though in general are on the pricier side.

Free HD!

Bright House rightfully boasts of being the only provider of free High Definition TV to all of its buyers. That’s a lot of movies, shows and sports coming to your TV with enhanced picture quality you are probably going to want eventually anyway. Bright House cable TV packages may be bit pricier. But unlike other companies Bright House offers HD upfront instead of springing extra charges further down the road. (Plus, buying an HDTV as well? You’ll need an HDTV if you want HD signal to work. Check out their buying guide, linked to on their HD page.)

Included features and further options for your TV Package

  • The HD pack which is offered for six extra dollars a month. The Pack includes Hallmark Movie Channel HD, Universal HD, HD Showcase on Demand, MGM HD, Smithsonian HD, MAV TV HD.
  • 3D TV is readily available with Bright House if one owns an equipped 3D TV (and a pair of 3D glasses!) and the purchase of a 3D sports pass will provide users with 3D sports offered by ESPN.
  • Bright House advertises its ‘Start Over’ feature which allows one to view shows they have missed from up to 72 hours ago. Know, however, that customers have complained that this feature is annoying in so far as it manifests as a popup that cannot be disabled.
  • Bright House offers the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) service in your home. This option allows you to record while you watch and view your recordings from anywhere in the house. One can play, pause, and rewind TV, record up to 16 HD channels at once and store up to 480 hours of memory. DVR can be programmed to record specific designated shows. Interactive TV guide allows for easy searching.
  • On demand programming allows you to purchase movies and watch them from any TV in your house.
  • The interactive TV guide allows viewers to find channels, set reminders, and access program guides.
  • Parental controls allow parents to block based on rating, block specific shows, block channels and certain time slots, and make all of these things accessible via pin number.


  • Quality of TV does not necessarily live up to the expectations created by their high prices.
  • Since no one watches all 200 of their channels you will certainly be paying for a chunk of channels that you do not want.
  • Customer service and tech support are often poor.
  • Bright House Cable Internet Packages are offered in many different bundles with phone and internet, though buyers will be forced to pay drop fees if they wish to downgrade their bundle to something simpler.


Bright House cable internet packages are considered a fairly dependable choice for the most part. However, the advantage of not having to sign a contract with Bright House is, in many cases, made obsolete by the fact that Bright House is the only cable provider in their area. Bright House does tend to have a fairly stable connection. As well, instead of pushing its energy towards bolstering the customer’s bill with surprise expenses, Bright House aggressively tries to market new products. There are many who feel that Bright House should be more competitive with their prices, but often it is the case that ‘competitive’ prices only appear competitive initially, and therefore, a final virtual high-five to Bright House for offering free HD upfront.