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Bright House Cable Internet Packages

Bright House cable internet packages can be a bit pricey, but they have excellent speed and a very good reputation for providing the service that they advertize.

Bright House Cable Internet packages boast a number of benefits not found with other internet providers. One does not need to sign a contract when signing up with Bright House. One must simply connect to a Bright House Networks cable modem; it is not necessary to purchase additional equipment in order to get started. All of their packages include advanced features like spam blockers, personal firewall and anti-virus protection, as well as the option to access WiFi HotZones. : Wireless home networking is also available, ensuring that multiple users can be on the internet in the same home without experiencing major slowdowns. Bright House offers the Power BoostTM option, allowing one to upgrade from the more standard speeds to their fastest, Road Runner high speeds.

Road Runner High Speeds

Bright House Cable Internet packages are only provided through use of digital cable, not as fast as other options such as FiOS. Speeds of up to 40 Mbps are offered in the Road Runner Lightening package, 20 Mbps for the Road Runner Turbo package, and 7 Mbps for the Road Runner Standard package.

Extras offered for Road Runner High Speed users:

  • Pure Sight Parental Control Software is free for users of Road Runner High Speed. This option allows for parents to setup up as many as ten separate profiles with daily limits for each profile, set bans on specific topics such as drugs or violence, and the option of banning individually selected websites. This feature also allows parents to keep track of websites visited, or attempted to have been visited by their children.
  • Road Runner radio streams commercial free music by way of a browser based device and is free to all Road Runner users.
  • Road Runner video store allows users to easily search and rent or purchase videos within a wide selection of genres and titles.
  • Road Runner Safe Storage provides means to backup up to 500 MB of data that can be accessed 24/7 from any internet computer.
  • Road Runner Photo Show 5 is a product of 40 dollar value that is used to organize, and display photos, create media portals, and other options. This product is free to Road Runner High Speed users.
  • Internet Security Suite is a free security suite from Computer Associates (CA) that provides up to date anti-virus, anti-spam software.

The standard plan starts at 47.95/month, depending largely on location. (You can determine the price for your specific location on their website) For a ‘Standard Plan,’ anyone can see that this is a bit pricey. A more sensible option, perhaps, is to try to pick up deals with one of their many TV/internet/phone combo bundles.

Bright House as an Independent Internet Provider (or, the Integrity of Brighthouse)

Because of the independent nature of their company (they were originally a part of Time Warner), Bright House is run less as a corporate company. Of course they will try to make their deals look desirable, but they are far less likely to try and trick customers, being fairly honest up front. The following are examples of how Bright House strives to protect their customers.

  • For its internet services, Bright House Cable offers the Best Price Guarantee. This ensures that they are giving you the lowest possible price for your area (with the exception of resellers and other third parties) and if you pay more than was advertised on the website, including the fine print, then you can email a complaint and receive a refund.
  • Notably, all of Bright House Cable Internet Packages are contract free. The fact that these cable packages do not need to tie down their customers by swaying them into contracts likely says something about the integrity of the company as well as customer satisfaction. The Roadrunner speeds may not be what one requires, but if you are willing to settle for less, Bright House is a company in which you can feel safe from contract obligations.


Though prices for Bright House Cable Internet Packages can be deterring, one must consider the advantages of purchasing internet with Bright House, mainly the Road Runner High Speed bonuses and the certainty that in terms of costs what you see is probably what you get.